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WAA Mission

About the Wireless Advertising Association – WAA

The Wireless Advertising Association is the premier global industry trade association devoted to hand held device manufacturers, carriers & operators, software providers, agencies, retailers and advertisers and service providers of mobile wireless marketing and advertising.

Freight forwarders takes care of the logistics of delivering a fair amount of goods from one international destination to another.

Originally formed in May 2000 with a merger of the WAIA (Wireless Advertising Industry Association) and the IAB’s (USA) Wireless Task Force, the WAA is now operating independently to address the challenges facing the wireless industry. WAA’s activities include evaluating and recommending standards and practices, fielding research to document the effectiveness of the wireless medium, and educating the wireless (mobile) advertising industry about the effective, responsible use of wireless advertising.

Wireless Advertising raises a whole new set of questions about privacy, spamming, location, revenue streams, media buying, sales training and consumer awareness. The concept may be clear, but the technology, marketing and sales logistics are far from it. With dozens of devices, countless specifications and a future which promises greater functionality than most can imagine today, the path ahead is far from uncertain. For all of the apparent hurdles, the prize for the winners of this race are a marketers dream: highly targeted, flexible, dynamic and vast audiences who can make on-the-spot inquiries and purchases. And they will, due to the WAA’s initiative efforts in setting standards and metrics and developing consumer and customer education and awareness.

Wireless Advertising

The purpose of the Wireless Advertising Association (WAA) is to address major challenges facing the wireless advertising industry including technical, business, creative, measurement and privacy issues as well as promote the value of wireless advertising to advertisers and consumers.

Research and Ad Measurement

Develop widely accepted metrics for measuring ad delivery and the consumers’ response to those ads

Ad Standards

Develop open and compatible wireless advertising technical and creative standards

Privacy and Spam

Define and publish a set of wireless advertising best practices, including an industry adopted privacy policy


Position WAA as a central resource for wireless advertising to the external global business community and promote the responsible value of wireless advertising to advertisers and consumers

Consumer Acceptance

Focus the industry on achieving advertising effectiveness and consumer acceptance


Research the impact of location based advertising on mobile devices

WAA Measurement Standards Survey

Help Shape The Future Of Advertising In The Wireless World

Provide Your Input For Developing Advertising Measurement Standards
Please let us know your a bit about your trial experiences with advertising on wireless devices by clicking on the link below. The information on past current and planned advertising trials is critical to our efforts in developing a repository for wireless advertising research in order to develop effective standards.

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